About us

We are a VAD (Value Added Distributor) distributor, which means that we offer our partners not only sales support, but also a full package of after-sales and marketing support.

Who we are

We are a Value Added Distributor (VAD), which means that in addition to sales, we provide our partners with full post-sales and marketing support.

We’re far from a typical IT or sales company. Since the products we offer are incredibly diverse and each requires a different approach, our team is made up of people with various skills, interests and scope of experience. The one word that describes us best is “flexibility”. We can provide each of our
vendors and resellers with everything they need. In addition to conducting sales activities, we strive to increase the visibility of brands available in our portfolio through:

  • actively participating in various events aimed at both business partners and end users,
  • technical and sales training,
  • localization of materials such as product brochures, data sheets and user manuals,
  • creating marketing materials for the Polish market (packaging, documentation, POS displays, gadgets etc.),
  • online activities such as website creation, SEO, communication through chat groups/forums/social media,
  • planning and conducting sales programs aimed at our partners, tailored to their needs and customized to the Polish market.


Most of our employees boast years of IT experience. Some have been with us for over a decade, which is a testament to Alstor’s strong position on the market and good personal relations  within the company.


Our team consists of both people with extensive knowledge, and newbies who bring a breath of
fresh air. We don’t require that every new employee be a seasoned professional; we believe there’s
no knowledge that can’t be taught.


We enjoy a challenge. There’s nothing that can’t be done, and that’s not just an empty slogan. When
acquiring new distributions, we have had to conquer different industries outside of IT and learn
everything from scratch. What better proof that daring uncovers new opportunities?


Building the image of the brands sold

Teams of engineers, traders and marketing specialists support sales in the field of product promotion. One of our goals is also to support partners by creating demand for individual solutions from end customers. We achieve this goal by building the image of the brands we represent using internet marketing and public relations tools, creating dedicated materials for them. Our products are demonstrated at numerous exhibitions, conferences and presentations. Every year you can meet us at hundreds of industry events, addressed to various groups of clients: photographers, graphic designers, teachers, architects and others.

Image building for brands in our portfolio

Teams of technicians, sales managers and marketing specialists strive to boost sales through product promotion. One of our goals is to support our partners by creating demand for their solutions among the end users. In order to achieve this, we use online marketing & public relations tools as well as create dedicated content to build the image of the brands we work with. Products from our portfolio are presented at numerous exhibitions, conferences and presentations. Every year, we participate in hundreds of industry-specific events addressed to various customer groups: photographers, graphic designers, teachers, architects, etc.

Direct partner support

Alstor offers direct support to its partners, which include some of the biggest retail chains in Poland, IT solution integrators, and specialized online stores. Depending on individual needs and the company’s business profile, we can assist our partners by providing workshops, product training, and even promotional campaigns on social media. Marketing materials shared by Alstor are compliant with up-to-date SEO guidelines, optimized for Google SpeedPage, and in line with the latest visual creation trends. Our partners can also benefit from support in the preparation of remarketing campaigns or product campaigns in search engines. When it comes to complex solutions such as medical systems, we not only help choose the right products, but also offer implementation and post-sale services. We personally provide technical support for most products in our portfolio. Our support department is ISO-certified, which speaks to its high service standards and the qualifications of our engineers.

Our commitment has been appreciated by resellers. In 2020, Alstor was once again voted among the Top 5 VADs by the readers of the CRN Poland magazine.

We deliver high quality products in several carefully selected fields, each supported by a dedicated team comprised of sales managers, product managers, technical support and marketing specialists. Our current areas of focus include:

  • Medical diagnostic decision support systems and radiology imaging systems
  • Professional imaging systems
  • IT consumer products
  • Integration solutions

We successfully combine different characteristics and values.

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