Company history

We have over 30 year old history. Founded in 1987, before the systemic changes in Poland in early 90s. We were an IT support company. Since then we came a long way, but our goal was and still is to always offer our clients best products and best in class services.

Founded in 1987, before the political transformation that took place in Poland in the 90s, Alstor has been present on the IT market for over 30 years. Initially we provided computer services, but in time we’ve grown to become the value-added distributor we are today. We’ve come a long way, but our goal has always been the same: to provide our customers with products and services of the highest quality.

Back when we were still called Initel-Serwis, we provided mainly computer services. In 1992, we undertook our first distribution job: the marketing of Fujitsu printers. Within the next year, we began cooperation with two well-known manufacturers: Toshiba and Emulex. In time, the range of products in our portfolio expanded and evolved towards mass storage solutions. In 1997, this prompted us to change the company name to ALSTOR (“all storage”).

The beginning of the 21st century was a time of dynamic changes for us. We expanded our portfolio to include medical, imaging and data security solutions as well as typical consumer products. We also  created new departments responsible for specific product ranges, each of them an independent unit charged with comprehensive support. Based on those experiences, in 2019 the company’s management decided to reorganize Alstor into four main units:

  • Medical diagnostic decision support systems & radiology imaging systems
  • Professional imaging systems
  • IT consumer products
  • Integration solutions

Follow the timeline below to discover the most important events in Alstor’s history.

2022 - March
Let’s hear it for ergonomics

2022 - March - Let’s hear it for ergonomics

We’re always looking to improve our portfolio by adding solutions from renowned, industry-leading manufacturers. Our most recent distribution involves a wide range of mounts, arms, sit-stand desk converters, and medical carts from Ergotron. All Ergotron products offer superior ergonomics and high reliability. Depending on the product line, they come with a long warranty of up to 15 years.

Renewed collaboration with Eaton

2022 - February - Renewed collaboration with Eaton

Alstor first joined forces with Eaton almost 14 years ago. In recent years, we have been focusing on smaller solutions for medical workstations. Currently, we’re planning to gradually expand our portfolio to include a wide range of Eaton solutions, from UPS systems for PC and workstations to network equipment and servers.

2022 - February
2022 - January
Collaboration with Man & Machine

2022 - January - Collaboration with Man & Machine

We begin cooperation with Man & Machine, American manufacturer of specialty peripherals. Our portfolio now includes their washable mice, keyboards and drapes dedicated to environments with high sanitary requirements.

Rozszerzamy współpracę z EPSON

2021 - November - Rozszerzamy współpracę z EPSON

Alstor has been working with Epson for years, selling their optical media publishing systems to healthcare facilities. Now, taking that cooperation one step further, we expand our portfolio of Epson products to include document scanners and printers (both standard and multifunction).

2021 - November
2021 - november
Appreciating our partners

2021 - november - Appreciating our partners

To close out the year, we host two events to award outstanding partners in the healthcare and creative sectors. They prove such a success that we decide to keep them as a permanent fixture in our company calendar.

2021 - july - EIZO Gallery gets a makeover

After rearranging our office space, we have enough room to permanently display not only office and graphics monitors, but also specialized healthcare and industrial solutions.

2021 - july

2021 - Moving forward

This year turns out to be one of the most prosperous in our history. Despite the initial concerns about the effects of the pandemic, the IT market runs smoothly – and so do we. We expand our portfolio of integration solutions to include Canon document scanners and Epson office printers. We also attend the International Defence Industry Exhibition, where we present a series of specialized solutions such as EIZO Talon rugged monitors, Wacom biometric signature tablets, and Rimage flash copy systems.

Expanding the portfolio

2020 - Expanding the portfolio

Due to COVID-19, the year 2020 proves challenging for everyone. The pandemic affects all industries, and IT is no exception. In spite of that, we try to keep moving forward. We expand our portfolio to include smart home solutions, interactive toys and medical sponges from brands like Pipetto, Nanoleaf, Whoosh, Shifu and Endoractor.

Company restructuring

2019 - Company restructuring

It’s a game-changing year for us. On April 1st, Alstor Spj. j. transfers part of its business to the newly-created Alstor SDS Sp. z. o. o.

Alstor Spj. j. continues to run based on three main business units: medical, consumer and imaging solutions. The third group is aimed mostly at professional users in areas such as photography, graphic design, healthcare, video surveillance and other vertical markets. Together, these products make up more than 70% of Alstor’s revenue. Additionally, Alstor is once again voted among the Top 5 VADs by resellers.

Specialized areas of interest

2018 - Specialized areas of interest

The company’s division into different areas of interest becomes more and more visible. Each business unit is now responsible for a specific line of products to help us provide better support to our clients. We begin cooperation with several world-renowned brands like Wacom, a Japanese leader in the pen display and tablet market for creative users.

iCorner continues to grow at a dynamic pace, offering consumer products such as mobile device accessories and increasingly popular interactive toys. Several products from our portfolio receive awards. As voted by users, EIZO ColorEdge CG319X and ColorEdge CG279X win 1st and 2nd place respectively in the editing solutions category of the Digital Camera Poland & Fotopolis Awards. This speaks to the users’ trust in EIZO as a brand, something we have been working towards for years.

2013 - 2017
Changes continue

2013 - 2017 - Changes continue

Due to the rapid expansion of our medical portfolio, we decide to create a separate medical department. iCorner develops dynamically as well, with carefully chosen distributions such as Withings, Sphero, PhotoFast, Otterbox, Fitbit and Pebble.

Other new additions to our offer include Socomec and Eaton UPS solutions, and Graphtec wide format scanners. We also sign distribution deals with ExaGrid, Memblaze, Shavlik, Apcon, SpectraLogic, Savvius, Garland Technology and Lantronix.

Our EIZO gallery undergoes remodeling to provide more space for hosting events such as product trainings, seminars and workshops.

Health comes first

2012 - Health comes first

We keep expanding our medical portfolio by complementing EIZO monitors with advanced medical software for supporting diagnosis: Ziosoft for cardiology and OrthoView for pre-surgery planning in orthopedics. We begin cooperation with Merge Healthcare, manufacturer of the leading DICOM viewer.

This year also marks the creation of our own brand, iCorner, followed by the formation of a team responsible for implementing and marketing the consumer products line that consists of accessories for portable devices. We aspire to only choose the best solutions, provided by renowned manufactures such as mophie, OlloClip, and LifeProof.

We’re also successful in other fields: our technical support department implements a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 13485:2005/AC: 2009. We celebrate Alstor’s 25th anniversary.


2011 - iCorner

Celluon’s Magic Cube joins our portfolio and becomes a building block for a new line of products that will later become known as iCorner. We’re also awarded the title of Avocent’s Distributor of the year.

The largest EIZO gallery in Europe

2010 - The largest EIZO gallery in Europe

Having moved to a new location, we can finally open our EIZO gallery – the biggest exhibition and training facility for EIZO products in Europe.

Forbes Diamonds

2009 - Forbes Diamonds

Alstor ranks 30th on the Forbes Diamonds list of companies whose value is growing the fastest.

Change is coming

2006-2008 - Change is coming

Following some good years, we move our headquarters to a new location. It doesn’t affect our business continuity, and we keep expanding our portfolio to include new products such as TuneUp and Bitfender software or CommVault and Hitachi Data Systems business solutions.
EIZO monitors take the creative and medical markets by storm, receiving several awards from the press and industry-specific websites.


2002-2005 - New units: Server Room Management & IT Security

We sign distribution deals with Avocent (a leading manufacturer of KVM switches), Cyberguard and F-Secure. We also form two new units: Server Room Management and IT Security.

EIZO distribution

2002 - EIZO distribution

We begin cooperation with EIZO Nanao Corporation, a manufacturer of high-end monitors for professional uses such as healthcare and graphic design. On October 13th, we celebrate our company’s 15th anniversary. The same year, Alstor receives the Distribution Channel Certificate, awarded for the first time by the Computer Reseller News Poland (CRN) magazine. We’re listed as one of the Top 12 most valued Polish distributors according to the resellers.


2001 - Multimedia department

A new department for multimedia solutions is formed, with products such as Casio and Ricoh digital cameras, video-editing software by AIST and Roxio, multimedia projectors by Sanyo and Toshiba,  flash memory cards and readers, and palmtops by Casio and Psion. Soon we’ll expand our offer to include Pinnacle solutions.

1997-2000 - Expansion of mass storage portfolio

Each new year brings new distributions. We expand our mass storage portfolio and sign contracts with Hewlett-Packard, Infortrend, TDK, Tandberg Data, Seagate Software, Overland Data, Microtest, Elsktroson, OTG and IXOS. We add new deduplication and archiving solutions from Rimage, Fargo, IMR, Exabyte, Kodak and Sony. We’re also present at various IT exhibitions, where we receive awards: Komputer Expo ’97 Grand Prix for the Toshiba DVD-ROM drive, and Komputer Expo ’99 Grand Prix for the automatic form input and interpretation system based on a Fujitsu scanner and ReadSoft software. We’re a strong leader on the document scanners market.

Investment in modern technologies

1992-1996 - Investment in modern technologies

We’re steadily expanding our portfolio, making sure to only include products from renowned manufacturers. Following our Fujitsu distribution, we begin cooperation with Emulex, an American leader in fast network technologies. We take an active interest in CD and MO drives (novelties at the time), selling Toshiba, Philips and Yamaha products as well as jukeboxes from NSM Jukebox and Smart Storage. A while later, we expand our portfolio to include Plextor and Pioneer products.

First distribution

1992 - First distribution

We start our cooperation with Fujitsu, the second biggest computer company in the world. The  contract includes distribution of printers, hard drives, magneto-optical drives, and scanners.


1987 - The beginning

Before the great political transformation set to happen in Poland in the 90s, Alstor is founded. Initially, the company’s name is Initel-Serwis and its main focus is on providing computer services. However, this is soon going to change.

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